The philosophy

This singular year has shown how much we need to put nature back at the heart of our lives, especially in big cities.

The temporary loss of our individual freedoms has made us aware of the lack of nature in our daily lives.  This need, expressed as a collective intuition, raises questions about our own safeguarding. We will learn to take care of ourselves, others and our planet by reconnecting to nature. We will draw inspiration to innovate and give energy to preserve it by reconnecting to nature.


Humans have always had
an intimate relationship with nature.

For thousands of years, nature has been our home. Yet this essential relationship has become less important over time, until it has disappeared from our daily lives. Our original home has faded into the background. As we pushed the walls out to make way for the urban and the technology, we have weakened our own foundations. We, who are all products of nature, have driven it out of our lives. The last decade has been one of awareness; we have become aware of our impact on the environment.

The stakes are now high: firstly, because it can be assumed that each generation will take the climate and environmental situation as the norm when it has already deteriorated and has been deteriorating uninterruptedly for several decades. Secondly, it is vital to realise that our health and that of the planet are linked. There can be no human health without a healthy planet. The preservation of our planet has become a key issue for our own well-being.


The way to go seems as obvious as it is necessary

It is time to reconnect with the essential by reintegrating nature into our lives through immersive and contemplative nature experiences. There are no small or big nature experiences. Sensory experiences like feeling the sun on your face or touching a tree are powerful drivers of connection with nature. These are just as powerful as a walk in the forest or a scuba dive. These experiences hold the promise of understanding the benefits and richness of life. We are genetically destined to live and live better in contact with nature. It is in our DNA.

It is by getting closer to our roots, in the heart of nature, that we find the impetus to progress and find solutions for the future.