The Barometer

Introducing you to the first reference observatory on the relationship between people and nature.

A survey of 19 000 citizens in 19 countries (1000 per country).

Why a Barometer of connection to nature?

To act ever more concretely and work in favor of people’s connection with nature, it is crucial to put tools in place in order to study this connection and understand its mainsprings, dynamics and implications.

Research and consulting firm BVA surveyed citizens in 19 countries (19,000 people surveyed) to quantify their connection to nature in concrete terms and identify its levers and factors.
The Barometer also aims to study the relevance of a major intuition carried by the group, that proximity to nature generates well-being in individuals.

With this Barometer, we want to encourage companies, political decision-makers, NGOs and citizens to take action to encourage connection with nature and thus preserve and enhance it. This Barometer will monitor the development of the human-nature relationship every two years.

How to estimate
the nature connection score?

The connection to nature is assessed by an index calculated from three scores: cognitive, behavioural and emotional.

  • The first measures the degree of knowledge of nature and its components ;
  • The second measures the intensity of the physical relationship and the degree of contact with nature ;
  • The third measures the degree of attachment to nature. These three scores out of ten make it possible to render, on a scale of 1 to 10, an index of connection to nature per country, as well as to calculate the world average. For example, if the French nature connection index is 7.0, the average index for the 19 countries studied is 7.2.

The average worldwide score of connection to nature is 7.2

These lessons will support the Group's approach by identifying priority areas for action and measuring the progress of this connection via an annual update of the barometer.

What lessons can be learned?

The study provides major insights on the benefits of an intense connection to nature and calculate a connection index for each surveyed country. After reading the results, a very strong link between connection to nature and the level of happiness and trust emerges: the higher the nature connection score, the higher the level of happiness, resilience and confidence in the future. This is the key lesson of this Barometer. It is now time to act and help citizens to reconnect with nature and improve the well-being of society as a whole.